Italian Experience

Our course offers a wide selection of classic and traditional Italian dishes. You will learn to prepare the delicious Cantucci and Zuccherini, crispy and sweet biscuits perfect to accompany with coffee or a sweet wine.

Cooking Class

Villa di Tizzano - Cooking class

Fresh pasta

Fresh pasta is an icon of Italian cuisine, and we will guide you step by step in making homemade pasta. You will learn how to knead and roll the dough to create tagliatelle, ravioli, and other traditional shapes. And of course, we won’t miss out on the recipe for irresistible lasagna, one of the most beloved and appreciated dishes worldwide.

Traditional Cake

In the dessert section of the course, you will discover the secrets to making homemade traditional cakes, using recipes passed down through generations. We will teach you how to create genuine and delicious sweets that will bring joy to friends and family.

Sensory Menu

For those who want to explore new dimensions of taste, we offer a module on the Sensory Menu, where you will learn to combine flavors, textures, and presentations to create a culinary experience that engages all the senses.


Pizza is a symbol of Italy, and in our course, you will learn to prepare the perfect dough, top the pizza with fresh ingredients, and bake it to perfection to achieve a crispy crust and authentic taste.

Neapolitan pastiera and Casatiello

We couldn’t forget two of the most beloved desserts from Southern Italy: the Neapolitan pastiera and Casatiello. We will reveal the traditional recipes of these Easter sweets that embody the history and traditions of Neapolitan cuisine.

Food Style and Food Photography

Lastly, for those who wish to capture the culinary art through the lens of a camera, we offer a Food Style and Food Photography module. You will learn how to present dishes in an appealing way and create images that do justice to the beauty and deliciousness of your creations.

The outstanding pool with a view of the Chianti is available for all our guests all day long.

How to get here

Villa di Tizzano is located just a few kilometers from Florence, on the hills of the beautiful Chianti region. Please refer to this map to find us.

Via Castel Ruggero 71, Bagno a Ripoli, Florence, Italy