The Interiors

Villa di Tizzano - the kitchen

The Kitchen

The kitchen at Villa di Tizzano embodies informal elegance, boasting ample space and all the amenities to accommodate a professional chef. With its stylish yet relaxed atmosphere, this culinary space provides the perfect setting to explore gastronomic creativity while feeling at home. With attention to detail and a welcoming ambiance, Villa di Tizzano’s kitchen is the ideal place to experiment and share delightful culinary moments in a comfortable and hospitable environment.

The Dining Rooms

The two dining rooms at Villa di Tizzano provide a classy dining experience in a cozy and luxurious setting. With elegant design and attention to detail, these rooms are the perfect place to share unforgettable moments during your vacation.

The Living Rooms

The luxurious lounges at Villa di Tizzano offer abundant natural light and stunning views of the park, providing a serene atmosphere for relaxation. These elegantly appointed spaces are designed for comfort, featuring plush seating and stylish decor. Whether unwinding with a good book or enjoying lively conversations with friends and family, these lounges are the perfect retreat for rejuvenation and leisure.

The outstanding pool with a view of the Chianti is available for all our guests all day long.

How to get here

Villa di Tizzano is located just a few kilometers from Florence, on the hills of the beautiful Chianti region. Please refer to this map to find us.

Via Castel Ruggero 71, Bagno a Ripoli, Florence, Italy